Asbestos Removal Brisbane – from $50/ per m2

Our costs are determined from a few factors, our pricing ranges from $40/psqm to $60/psqm. Our pricing is determined by looking at the following:

  • Amount of materials to be removed – large jobs usually attract a lower rate per square metre.
  • Access to your site – if it is easier to get our truck in and the materials are close to the truck, the job will take less time, thereby costing less per square metre.
  • Type of material (e.g. roofing, fencing) – this usually determines the difficulty of the job.

Because of the 3 factors above – you are best off giving us a call and we can run you through our pricing over the phone or arrange a free onsite inspection if required.


The truth is that you cannot identify it by simply looking at it. Any building built in Brisbane QLD before the late 1980s was allowed to have asbestos. The only way you can know if your home has this material is by having it analysed in a lab. In other words, before you even think of demolishing or renovating your home, it is paramount to have it analysed first. However, if you wish to ignore this step, then it is advisable to treat your home as if it has asbestos.

Types Of ACM

Even though all types of asbestos are dangers, there are those that considered harmless in small dosages. This material can be categorised into two types of groups:

• Bonded
• Non-bonded (Friable)

Bonded ACM is considered safer to work with. However, the other one is something you should consider keeping away from. When using this material, it is advisable to leave it undisturbed to reduce its risk. On the other hand, you may be required to move it or break it while renovating or demolishing a house. Under this circumstance, bonded asbestos can be more dangerous.


Bonded ACM can be defined as any ACM has a high level of bonding. The matrix is mainly cement, which is a stable element. This reduces the risk of loose fibre from being airborne. Remember; this does not mean that you do not have anything to worry about, in a matter of facts if the product is damaged or disturbed, the fibres will affect those around you.

In other words, if the concrete is not damaged or interfered in any way, the asbestos will not affect anyone.


The reason friable is dangerous is; they contain loosely packed fibres, and they can be crushed and pulverized with your hand.

For this reason, they could easily be transferred or become airborne. The moment this happens, they become harmful to man. Extreme caution should be taken when handling the material and thereby should be dealt with by a professional with an exclusive license. Brisbane QLD requires special class of license for dealing with friable ACM.

Some of Our Other Services

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Asbestos Roofing – Roof inspection and disposal services

Fence Inspection and Removal – Safe Fencing replacement

Safety Checklist – 19 point safety checklist

Techniques for Handling Asbestos

In every case of asbestos abatement in Brisbane, we always encourage you to contact a professional like Clear Asbestos Removal Brisbane to do the job. However, if you do have a small job, with under 10m2 and you do opt against hiring a licensed contractor, then you need to be extremely careful. Here is few techniques you can use to achieve this.

Always Wear Masks

Always wear P2 dust masks when you are working with or around any ACM.

Wrapping And Stacking

The first thing you should do is pile up the cement sheeting on a plastic sheet and then double wrap it. Ensure that you have taped it tightly while it is still in the work area. Professionals advise that you should use 200 um-plastic bags or sheeting. The wrapping material should be from recycled material. Do not forget to label what you have wrapped to avoid confusion.

Avoid Skidding

Never slide one sheet over another when stacking layers. This is because it will release fibres to the air.

Immediate Removal

The fact is that plastic bags can be crushed or torn by people or traffic when left lying about. As such, you should avoid leaving them lying anyhow and remove them immediately.

Clean Everywhere (Be Thorough)

You must ensure the dust is not leaving the work area through other means such as working tools, clothing, shoes or any other thing. Ensure that all working materials have been placed inside a bag so that you cannot distribute the material around.

At the same time, while cleaning, do not use any vacuum cleaner. If you must use one, make sure it complies with the AS/NZ 60035.2.60 regulation and fitted with all necessary attachments. This way, the release of asbestos fibres and dust would be minimal. You should also avoid the following:

• Dry sweeping
• Dampening dust with a mist of water from a spray pump

Safe Brisbane Asbestos Disposal Practices

Here is some safety tips that every Brisbane asbestos removal company should adhere to:

• Dispose of all wastes immediately
• Dampening All wastes
• Double wrapping in plastic and tape from the hardware store
• Transporting all waste in a leak-proof vehicle (no loose tarps)
• Bite the bullet and have us do it for you

Cities We Service

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Below is a video by WorkSafe Queensland about the removal of asbestos in Brisbane: