Costs of Asbestos Removal Melbourne

We typically charge by the amount of material removed (usually in square metres). prices vary between $40 and $60 per square metre. Overall costs can be influenced by multiple factors:

1) Size And Complexity Of The Job.
Clearing a roof with a steep slope, for instance, is harder than taking off a shed roof.

2) Tipping Costs And Transport Distance
Tipping costs start at about $500; many tips charge much more.

3) Size of Pieces
Materials removed in large continuous pieces are easier to remove than smaller pieces. As a general rule of thumb, removalists estimate that full-sheet ACM materials cost about $35 per sheet to remove.

4) Site Access
If we can easily access the site with a truck then the ACM will not need to be carried very far, hence reducing the time the job takes.

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Each portion of a job will be estimated and priced separately. Taking down external cladding might cost $40 per square metre while removing roofing might cost $50 m2, for instance. The lowest realistic charge to expect for a small, simple jobs are probably roughly $500 (depending if we have other jobs in the area so we can combine the disposal costs). On larger jobs we will probably charge lower amounts per square meter than on smaller jobs.

Since we need to consider so many factors when they price a job, giving us as much information as you can when you request a quote is recommended. Easy jobs might cost no more than $45 m2, but tricky jobs frequently hit $100 m2 or even more. Tipping costs have to be factored in as well, of course. If you provide vague or inaccurate information, you may end up with an unrealistically low quote. The final cost will be higher -- sometimes far higher -- after the we get a first-hand look at your property.

Can I Spot Asbestos Myself?

There is a huge range of different building materials that may qualify as asbestos containing materials (ACM). Although you could probably guess, proper identification requires the attention of a trained professional, and in some cases samples may need to be taken and tested in a lab.

Building materials previously used in Melbourne VIC that may include ACM:

  • Corrugated roof sheeting ('Super Six'), which is often used as ground-placed fencing
  • Hardiplank wall covering
  • Internal sheeting (cement)
  • Eave and soffit siding (both smooth and slotted)
  • Sheeting and capping on roofs
  • Guttering
  • Vent pipesWater / storm water pipes
  • Surround cuffs for drain traps
  • Sheeting on gable ends
  • External cladding (both flat and plank style)
  • Brick-pattern cladding
  • Shed linings
  • Car ports
  • Zelimite components in switchboards or telecom pits
  • Fire blankets
  • Insulation

Can You Handle Asbestos Removal in Melbourne On Your Own?

Proper safety precautions are an absolute necessity if you do your own disposal job. Asbestos abatement Melbourne can be complex and dangerous. Letting licenced, professional removalists who can also handle legal disposal of ACM get rid of your asbestos is strongly recommended.

If you do have to work with materials that do (or even might) contain asbestos, you have to conduct all of your operations with an eye towards minimizing the creation of dust, small particles, or airborne fibres.

Some of Our Other Services

Inspection and Testing - Collect a sample and send it to a lab

Asbestos Roofing - Roof inspection and disposal services

Fence Inspection and Removal - Safe Fencing replacement

Safety Checklist - 19 point safety checklist

Licensing for Melbourne Asbestos Disposal Companies

Always take a first-hand look at a removalist's licence before making any financial agreements. Be aware that licences come in two forms:

  • Unrestricted: Individuals with these licences are authorized to remove any form of ACM.
  • Restricted: These licence holders are only allowed to remove non-friable ACM

Asbestos is referred to as non-friable when it's thoroughly integrated into the composition of a building material. Non-friable ACMs pose a reduced risk of releasing fibres into the air. According to government regulations, small amounts of non-friable asbestos -- 10 square metres or less -- can be removed by non-licensed individuals. Health officials still recommend hiring licensed removalists to deal with asbestos in any circumstances, though.

Why Do You Need A Licensed Contractor?

As noted above, you're not legally allowed to remove more than 10 square meters of ACM without a properly-licenced contractor.

Any trade professional that deals with materials which can pose a health risk has to be licenced. Licences verify that the removalists in question have both the necessary training and experience to handle the work safely.

Licensed contractors file notifications with WorkSafe. Clear Asbestos Removal Melbourne will file documents detailing every removal job they perform prior to the job. This serves as an assurance to you that you've complied fully with the pertinent laws and had all asbestos removed from your property properly.

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