Costs of Asbestos Removal Melbourne We typically┬ácharge by the amount of material removed (usually in square metres). prices vary between $40 and $60 per square metre. Overall costs can be influenced by multiple factors: 1) Size And Complexity Of The Job. Clearing a roof with a steep slope, for instance, is harder than taking off a shed roof. 2) Tipping Costs And Transport Distance Tipping costs start at about $500; many tips charge much more. 3) Size of Pieces Materials removed in large continuous pieces are easier to remove than smaller pieces. As a general rule of thumb, removalists estimate that full-sheet ACM materials cost about $35 per sheet to remove. 4) Site Access If we can easily access the site with a truck then the ACM will not need to be carried very far, hence reducing the time the job takes. Get a quote by calling the phone number above or fill out the quick quote form at the top of the page. Each portion of a job will be estimated and priced separately. Taking down external cladding might cost $40 per square metre while removing roofing might cost $50 m2, for instance. The lowest realistic charge to expect … Continue reading Melbourne