Costs of Asbestos Removal in Perth

Our pricing ranges from $40psqm up to $60psqm, depending on a range of factors including:

  • Site Access
  • Size of the job
  • Job Location
  • Type of asbestos

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asbestos diposal perthHow To Identify

If you own a house, it is important to note that asbestos cannot be identified by looking at the material. To identify asbestos containing materials (ACM), samples have to be taken to a laboratory. Before the 1980s, the use of ACM was permitted in construction of homes and commercial building in Perth. As such, having your house tested first before even considering to renovate or demolish it is the wisest step you could take. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to do this due to cost issues, then you should assume that your home has been built using asbestos.


Although all ACM is dangerous, there is a type of that is seen as less dangerous. The to different types of ACM are:

• Bonded And
• Non-bonded (Friable)

Bonded is thought-out to be less dangerous and harmless to work with. If you are working with bonded ACM, you are recommended to have it undisturbed to reduce its effects. However, this does not apply when it comes to moving it or simply transporting it. In this case, it can be harmful.


This is any ACM with high bonding matrix, which is usually cement, making it stable. Due to its stability, loose fibre is reduced; and hence, offers fewer risks. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you haven’t anything to worry about. In a matter of facts, if the material is damaged, the fibre will affect everyone around that area.

To put it in another way, if the material is not interfered or damaged, it will not affect anybody.


The friable variety is considered dangerous because it has loosely they contain loosely packed fibers, which makes it easy to crush even by hand.

Because of this properties, they could be easily become airborne and hence becoming harmful to man. Safety caution should be applied, and it is advisable to have a professional do it. Professional licensing and regulation are made at the state level in Australia, and it differs from state to state.

At the same time, you have to be extra careful when doing asbestos removal Perth. However, through this article, you will be informed on few methods or tips on how you can handle it and prevent it from spreading.

1. Wrapping And Stacking

Pile up the cement on a plastic sheet is the first step to handling the material. After you have piled it up, the next thing is to double wrap and tape it, in the same working area. It is advisable to use 200 um-plastic bags or sheets. It is also wise to use recyclable materials. Also, do not forget to label it to prevent confusion.

2. Avoid Sliding The Bags

You should really avoid sliding the bags over another while loading them. The reason is that it will release a toxic fibre into the air.

3. Removal

The truth is that plastics can be torn by people’s traffic when left lying about. For this reason, you should never leave them lying about, but make sure you have removed them immediately.

4. Clean Everything

It is important to make sure that you have cleaned everything including the work area. This technique will ensure fibres in the air do not leave the work area. Make sure each equipment has been placed inside a bag to avoid distributing the material around.

Professionals advise against the use of vacuum cleaners. However, if you really must use a vacuum cleaner, it should fulfil the AS/NZ 60035.2.60 regulation and equipped with all required attachments. This method will reduce the release of fibres and dust into the air. At the same time, you should avoid:

• Dry sweeping
• Using spray pump to dampen the area

Safety During Perth Asbestos Disposal

  • Dispose of the material immediately
  • The waste should be dampened before disposal
  • Double wrapping in plastic and tape
  • Leak Proof vehicle should be used to transport the waste
  • Consider seeking the services of a professional
  • Take the materials to a certified waste centre in Perth
  • Go to EPA website to know more on transportation and disposal

Some of Our Other Services

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Safety Checklist - 19 point safety checklist

What You Should Watch Out For

• Storm Damages

Storms are known to cause damages to houses than what people know. And so there is a danger that ACM products like roofs and cement, could be damaged or disturbed. If there has been a storm, make sure that you have called a professional.

• Weathering

Surface weathering is a contributing factor that causes roofs to release fibres. Keep in mind that asbestos materials release harmful fibres when disturbed; for example, when removing or repairing roofs or gutters. As such, you should make sure that you have sealed the roof before you go ahead to remove them. This technique will help you limit the risks it possesses.

• Fire Damage

Fire is known to cause property damage as well as wall damages. For this reason, fire does contribute to an increase in asbestos fibres in the air. Therefore, in the case of a fire, contact a licensed and professional contractor to have a look.

• Gutter repair

The gutters and downpipes play a big role in protecting your home or walls from water damages. For this reason, you should consider repairing your gutters and downpipes if they are in bad conditions.

• Coating/Painting

How is coating/painting done? Well, the truth is that many fibro walls can be painted because they offer no risk of producing asbestos fibre into the air. Painting or coating is not the problem, and you can do it anytime you feel like doing. However, even if you are looking to have it coated or painted, it is advisable not to sand it. This is because sanding will disturb the ACM and fibers will become airbourne.

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