Removing and Replacing Asbestos Roofing

To say that are increased concerned about the health effects brought about by exposure to asbestos is an understatement. As evidenced by the number of people seeking to have their asbestos roofs replaced, many people are not will to risk asbestos exposure. To maximize the safety of their living environments and reduce any exposure risk to the minimum, many homeowners or commercial building owners with asbestos roofing are opting to have them removed.

However, and understandably so, not every homeowner is in a position to replace their entire roof. As you would imagine, roof replacement costs a lot. This group home owners usually seek other viable options that are available but less costly. Such options are geared towards extending the life of the fibro roofs and ensuring that the roofs are not damaged in any way. This way, they remain safe since they are not exposed.

However, replacing the roofs is usually necessary, at best in the long run. When replacing fibro roofs, it is important to understand how to do it in the right way. For starters, you should have the removal of the roof conducted by licensed professional asbestos company. You can also opt to hire an asbestos abatement company. They remove the asbestos roofs and replace it with a roof of your choosing.

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Roof Replacement Options

There are several option when it comes to replacing your roof. The most popular roofing on the market is the metal roof. Its rise in popularity came as a result of the emergence of the Colorbond coloured roofings.

Another alternative is a tile roof. There are two popular options of tiles, the concrete tiles, and the terracotta tiles. The concrete tiles are the most popular of the two due to the versatility in styling it offers. They come in a variety of colours. However, a facelift is possible by simply colouring over the previous colour.

Terracotta tiles, on the other hand, are experiencing a decline in popularity. The decline is because they cannot be coloured over whenever one needs a facelift.

The Cost

Roof replacement can be very costly. At the face of it, the cost difference when may seem negligible but when you calculate the cost of the materials over the entire roof, a clear difference emergences.

For the metal roofs, the cost of the most popular roof (Colorbond and Zincalume) is between $12 and $20 per meter square. Terracotta lies cost same the expensive metal roof options while the concrete roof tends to be less expensive than the terracotta tiles. The concrete tile come in many colours, profiles, and styles. This versatility adds to their likability.

The above information gives you a rough guide the price ranges of the roofing materials that are in the market.

The Installation Of The Roof

The final bit that you need to consider is the installation of the roof. As a measure of cost saving, you should note that it will cost less to have your roof vendor install it for you. If you purchase the roofing material and look for a separate installer, you will incur more charges, which will be expensive.

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Below is a video of some unfortunate people making asbestos roofing in the 1930s: